Friday, February 28, 2014

Kari Jobe Interview Part 1: Insight Into the Creation of New Album 'Majestic'; Maintaining Grace-Filled 'Church-Like' Worship Every Night

Article originally for BreatheCast. See original here.
Recording artist and worship pastor Kari Jobe recently spoke to Breathecast about her new album Majestic, her experiences on tour, her feelings on the Grammy's, and being a light in the darkness through her ministry.

Jobe will be releasing Majestic along with an accompanying live DVD on March 25, and will embark on her tour with the Rend Collective Experiment on February 27. Jobe spoke of her excitement for the new album, and gave an insight into the writing process she went through in creating the new album.

"I've been a worship leader for over 15 years and grew up leading worship. It just made sense to do a live project and just write for the church and to do songs that are more congregational, just with people in mind that are going to be singing these songs in church," she said about the thought that went into the songs.

Expanding further on the amount of time spent writing this album, she mentioned how her contributors were key to the completion of the album.

"So having relationships with Tomlin and Matt Redman, and some of the Hillsong crew like Ruben Morgan and the Bethel Crew; just amazing songwriters and worships leaders, helped me write for this project. I wrote for about two years for this album so, just working hard on making sure these songs worked for church."

It is easy for Jobe to communicate through worship because of the love she has for it. Worship music is something that flows out of her very being, and she has captured it perfectly, especially when creating a new album.

"Leading worship is my number one passion. You know when you are full-on passionate about something, it doesn't even feel like work. I just wrote for two years out of relationship too. Got together with friends and was like, 'Hey you want to write with me for this album?' or 'Do you just wanna write a worship song?' I wound up having around 50 songs to pull from this project. So it's special too, because there wasn't a lot of pressure. The Lord was just really faithful to help me have good songs that were ready to go for this project, so it just felt like fun."

Jobe also gave an insight into her experiences on tour, and she explained that her concerts are like "big nights of worship" where she wants people to enter into a church-like atmosphere to feel the presence of God.

When pressed on this "church-like" feeling, and how she could possibly stay in that mindset every night, Jobe offered an honest look into her relationship with God and music.

"Worship is so important to me. I love to be in the presence of God. Even on the tough nights, once you get in the presence of God, nothing else matters. God always shows up," she revealed.

She continued, "In my humaness, I might say, 'Lord please help me' but He always shows up. When two or more are gathered in His name, He is there. You kind of get this grace for it once you're out on the stage and you're going and his presence comes and you're like, 'Oh, this is why I do this.' Other than that, I love who I travel with, that's important, having friends and family support."

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