Thursday, September 26, 2013

Signal For Pilot Album Review for 'Man Eating Shark'

Signal For Pilot is a band like I have never heard before, and upon checking them out, you'll probably agree too! The band considers themselves to be, Alternative Rock/Indie Electro-Pop Core, but I'm sure you can find your own mix of sounds in their too. Their newest release Man Eating Shark, is an excellent foray into a musical journey from these Long Island rockers.

The band consists of: 
Chris 'Jaws'- Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Patrick Flanagan- Guitar, Vocals, Electronics
Scotty 'Tru' Truelson- Keyboards, Synth, Vocals
Keith Smith- Bass, Vocals

The album opens up with "Dangerous Waters," and from the get go I like what I am hearing. The song is super catchy and poppy, and has a good blend of synthy effected chords with heavy guitar riffs. I really love the synth at the end of this song! This song is definitely a single.

"Nosferatu" is for lack of a better word, a cool track. Musically, it feels themed, all most theater like as it is telling a story. Plus, who doesn't love an ode to old vampires with the name! The solo section over the pulsing bass drum hits into a softer bridge is superbly done.

The next track, "Mr. Parole," sounds like if My Chemical Romance and Family Force 5 had a baby. The verses and vocal style are really punky reminiscent of old MCR. The electronic sounds and hi energy vocals of the chorus and ending cover a totally different spectrum. This song is very mature in the way it blends together sonically. This is my favorite so far.

"Hot Chicks and Aliens" follows in the same vein of the previous song and kicks up the music a notch, and tones done the hi-paced energy. This is more of a straight up rock song and anthem, and could definitely hear this on the radio playing alongside anyone out there.

"Eerie Sounds of an East Coast Wreck" starts off with a burp…yes you read that right! This is a fun pirates/sailors anthem that talks about life on the sea. It features gang vocals that would make you feel like you are on the galley of the boat with them. I have never heard anything quite like this and have it be a serious song among the others. To clarify, I mean serious as in, the song is not a joke, it is very well done. It includes cannon sound effects, so what's not to love.

The next song brings the album back off the water on onto land for, "Surface and Back." The tone of the album switches right off the funny loving party song to perhaps the darkest of tunes on this record. The synth is gone in favor of a haunting piano over precise guitar riffs and intense vocal harmonies.

"Better Late Than Never," is a soft piano ballad that showcases the vocal flare of the lead single. Midway through the song it starts to build. Other instruments lightly playing are introduced and a number of harmonies begin to repeat and assemble in the foreground. This song is extremely well done and gives the listener a sense of intimacy as they enter into the lyrics themselves.

"No One Was There" picks right back up with crunchier guitars and has a Taking Back Sunday circa Louder Now feel to it. It has a good vibe, and motion to it, and then it hits you unexpectedly with some dub-step! This is the first time such an electronic breakdown was featured on the album. The fadeaway vocals at the end of the song back into the music are awesome!

Following the previous track is, "Uniform," which now brings me a Used comparison, but completely original. The music is very precise and again, almost singlehandedly paints the picture on its own. Included is a roaring, climbing guitar solo. The almost chanted like harmonization of the final chorus is a nice touch as well.

Closing out the album is "Collide-a-Scope," and say hello a more involved sound then the rest of of the album. This song is definitely mainstream, and has an aggressive alternative chorus over their electric infused rock. Also most noticeable in this song is the drums. The drummer sounds like he went all in and had serious fun on this one. It is a perfect finish to an album, "I don't want to say goodbye."

Overall this is a fantastic first entry to music for Signal For Pilot. Man Eating Shark nailed it on every front and contained no filler songs. Their unique blend of rock/electronic/punky-grunge is among the most diverse sounds I have ever heard. The band can be linked to so many others. First thoughts are Family Force 5, Chronic Future (without rap), Panic! At the Disco, and too many more yet they take these styles and make them completely original. The best part is most of the album is themed to water, and regardless of the song subject material, they all fit well together.

Look out for Signal For Pilot and their Man Eating Shark!

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