Friday, September 13, 2013

Charetta Prepares for the 'Apocalypse' with New EP (Interview)

Tell me about the new single "This is Your Fall," and what has the response been like so far?
"This Is Your Fall" is the first single from our upcoming Apocalypse EP, which will be released on Sept 29th, 2013 at our show with Eye Empire at Revolution in Amityville, NY. The fan reaction has been great so far. The song started around that vocal hook, "Im not gonna break, Im not gonna fake, Im not gonna take your fall," in the chorus. Angelina was singing that one day and it was stuck in my head for hours afterwards. We felt compelled to build a song around it. Musically, it's probably the most diverse song we've written to date. It's still very much hard rock, but you also hear hints of goth, pop, and progressive elements as well.
How does the new single prepare your fans for the upcoming Apocalypse EP?
It definitely sets the tone for the "newish" direction of the EP. I recently listened to Defying The Inevitable (1st album), and A Nation Distracted (previous release), and these new songs are a little faster and moodier. Angelina has really developed as a songwriter/vocalist. There are more vocal hooks than the prior songs - you know, those phrases that jump out at you when you're listening for the first time. (See: "I'm not your bitch")

What will be different with this upcoming EP that the band may have not explored before musically? 
Screams, guitar effects, and heavy breakdowns. Ange had been listening to a lot of "In This Moment" in the time we were writing, and some well placed screams really help bring out the emotion of a few songs. I don't want to scare people off with that one though - its still 95% singing.  

Will there be a music video for "This is Your Fall?"
We believe so. We have a few ideas for the story lines and visuals that match the mood of the song. Our next step is finding a producer who can execute our vision. We also just finished a lyric video for our second single, "Im Not Your Bitch." 

Please explain - "Sounds like Alanis Morissette punching Chevelle in the face!"
If Alanis Morissette punched Chevelle in the face, that's what we sound like! (haha) But seriously, I think it came from another review in the early days of the band. We had mentioned that Alanis was a big influence on Angelina when she was starting to sing, and Pablo mentioned he was a Chevelle fan...and the tagline was born! Just don't ask us what CHARETTA means.

What does CHARETTA mean? 
I joined the band halfway through the 7 year history, but I think its an old Latin phrase for the ash that covers a city after a volcano eruption. 

What's the band's biggest rockstar moment?
Probably after our sold out show at The Gramercy Theatre in NYC last summer. We walked right off the stage and over to the merch booth, and were getting swarmed by people wanting to say hello and sign stuff. Angelina is used to that a little more since she is the singer and most recognizable, so when people start coming up to the rest of us, we know there's a serious crowd! (Haha) We now know to have a dedicated merch person on staff at any larger show.

What's one thing as a band you wish you could all do better?
Pulling Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Kimmel-esque publicity stunts. 

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