Wednesday, July 31, 2013

She Said Fire Album Review for 'Boom'

(Guest Blog by Emily Zoda)

She Said Fire, a contemporary four piece rock band based right here in NYC, released an EP called Boom on April 9th of this year. 

With Joshua Hawksley on vocals, Peter Strzelecki on guitar, Chris Moss on bass, and the latest addition of Christina Vitucci on drums, the band soon began their recording at producer Mike Watts's VuDu Studios after their enthusiastic response to their EP, To Whom It May Concern

This is their first discography and also their first single, "Funhouse," under the name She Said Fire, who were formerly named The August Infinity.

The title of the EP really explains the gist of it, "boom." SSF takes different genres of music and makes them work well together. As a contemporary rock band, they take pop­like elements as well as post hardcore elements creating the sound of She Said Fire and making it as explosive as ever. 

I saw an acoustic performance of theirs at the Full Cup on Staten Island about a month ago and thought they were weird. Joshua had this incredible voice and he was moving around in his seat like he couldn't contain himself, they were also doing the screams from their songs acoustically which is something I've never experienced before.

Their single "Funhouse" was the hard hitter of the album, giving off a funky laid back sound almost a little seductive. Heavy wah pedals drive the song into the upbeat ska rock feel of the chorus. Then right after that is the soothing ballad of "Better Ways", with a slow but powerful beat and heartfelt vocals (making this my favorite song on the EP.)

She Said Fire is the first EP I've been able to enjoy in a while. I highly recommend it and if they make it to a venue near you, check them out! They love interacting with the audience and talking to fans. 

She Said Fire seriously rocks.

Listen to their music here.

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