Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Almost 'Fear Outside Our Bones' Album Review (Gerard Ucelli)

The Almost is back after four years with their third release, Fear Outside Our Bones, which will be out June 11th.

The Almost recorded this album in five days in a small room better known as Nashville's Omni Studios were they were going to approach this album in a completely different fashion. 

After listening to this album, I was pleasantly surprised. A lot of the songs off this release are very slow. It may take a little getting used to for fans that were very big into their previous albums, Monster, Monster (2009) and Southern Weather (2007), which have a generally more upbeat vibe. One of my favorite aspects about this release is that they generally went for something different. In my personal opinion, it’s very commendable when musicians challenge themselves and don’t end up being a one trick pony.

For those who pick up this album in June, you will instantly be able to tell after listening to the first few songs that some of the inspirations come from blues and southern rock. Being that I’m more attracted to upbeat tempos and intricate drum patterns, “I Won’t Let Go” is my favorite song off this release. Aaron Gillespie sings with so much soul and passion on that particular track. It was actually the only song that I played more than three times while going through the album.  The title track “Fear Inside Our Bones” also stands out to me. It possesses such a vintage vibe especially in the intro leading up in the chorus. I love how it picks up in the chorus. The patterns throughout the song flow exceptionally. I feel the point of any song is to be able to sing along and the chorus combine with the message is very strong.

My final thoughts to the fans of The Almost, it’s worth listening to Fear Outside Our Bones from beginning to end. You’ll be able to appreciate how the album starts off very bluesy and becomes more progressive. The element of southern rock is contained in every song, but it’s expressed in so many varieties that it’s enjoyable.

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