Friday, March 8, 2013

When It Counts Album Review for 'The Same Old Story'

When It Counts is a local Staten Island pop/punk band consisting of Will Gallagher (vocals), Nick Trivolis (guitar/vocals), Jonathan Cutrona (guitar/vocals), Andrew Maino (bass/vocals), and Mike Maldarelli (drums).

Formerly known as Falling With Style, they released their debut EP, The Same Old Story in February of this year.

Listen to the EP below:

The EP kicks off with "Moving Up." Right away I know the sound, pop-punk, fast bass/snare hits, with quick guitar work mixed with some chugging. It picks up a little toward the end with a quick gang vocal and a slight breakdown. Good start!

"Hey Lance" uses more gang vocals and has a singlesque feel to it. I can envision a behind the scenes/live footage type music video where you see the band through various stages of playing and creating music. 

"Ignorance" is a little heavier as far as guitar tone, but has the same punky speed as the other songs. I like the small musical break about 1:10 in. It acts as a place holder to change pace in the song. The song flows as one continual piece of music with no distinct chorus, verse, or bridge. It's a nice feel in a short burst.

The longest song on the EP, "Late to Your Own Bonfire" really showcases what the band has to offer as far as diversity. The track features great harmonies and back and fourth vocals. The build toward the end where it slows down and then builds again is nicely done.

Closing out the album is "Take a Breath." This is probably the most musically dynamic track on the EP. It has a couple of instrumental parts that serve well between vocal parts. I love the almost classic music drop, gang vocal fade out to close. It was executed perfectly.

Overall When It Counts does a good job in their debut. They take a style that is well worn and add something fresh while reminding the listener of the early 2000s with bands like New Found Glory, MxPx, and early Brand New. Look at for these guys, the punk scene just got more crowded.

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