Thursday, March 21, 2013

Backfire EP Review 'Prisoner of War'

Backfire simply put is a rock band, but if you listen deeper and uncover the layers of their music you'll discover hints of classic rock, 80s metal, and new alternative.

Consisting of Vincent Lane (vocals), Andrew Ahne (guitar), John White (guitar), Carl Giacalone (bass/vocals), and Jay Nichols (drums), they just released their first EP, Prisoner of War.

The EP opens up with "Prisoner of War" which calmly transitions into fast paced metal guitars reminiscent of an 80s metal band. Lane is telling a story about not giving up and pushing on. About two and half minutes into the song, a nice instrumental section complete with solo and dueling guitars and a quick drum fill fit nicely into the last chorus.

"One O'Clock"comes in soft then switches to blaring guitars and heavy tones. The effect on the opening vocals are very good and the chorus is tight. Again, more guitar solos and more metal! Solid start so far.

"Regret" is probably the catchiest song on the demo and has my personal favorite chorus. "My regret is what kills me, my regret is undaunted..."as gang vocals chime in. I'm also really digging the harmonic "woah-o's" at the end. It adds a little dynamic and diversity to the music.

The next track, "Trifling Whore," slows things down a bit and is more of a ballad in the beginning. The meaning of the song is pretty self-explanatory and yet has an epic vibe to it. The song shows great maturity in the band as they are able to mesh their signature sound along with something slightly different.

"The Few, the Proud, the Forgotten" sounds like it is the most single worthy track on the EP. It has a little bit of something for everyone and a strong chorus. It has a climatic build towards the end that has Lane belting out the finals words of the song.

Overall the Prisoner of War EP is a solid first effort for the boys of Backfire. They take familiar sounds and make it their own. Lane has a great almost classic type of voice. The guitarists Ahne and White shine most with steady and consistent riff work throughout. Be on the lookout for these guys!

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