Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Link Drop - New Music, Free Music , and More!

My boys in FigureHead are back! Thank God! Check out some footage of them at their return show at Sullivan Hall a few weeks ago.

Fairday Skyline
Check out their music video for "Spread the Disease" filmed on Staten Island at Rustic Music Center.

Breaking Even
Hmmm...Does this count as a music video? Who knows, but it's awesome. Shout out to the guys in Breaking Even for having fans who care enough to make fan videos. Check it out, it's pretty funny!

Had the privilege of meeting these guys on Sunday after they connected with my band and helped get us a show in Brooklyn at Five Spot Soul Food (awesome venue, staff, and food by the way). Audioscar kind of has a similar sound to my band, but with a mix of Evanescene and Linkin Park. Download and stream their EP.

This dude is going to be doing big things real soon. His newest project, Lyrics vs The Weeknd, is dropping 2/13/13. Check out his first track below.

Antonio Yhap
My man Antonio has been releasing tracks every other day. This kid has some serious skill. Listen to some of his tracks below.

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