Monday, November 26, 2012

Radioactive Material Interview (Broken Records Festival)

 What was the experience of playing the concert like?
It's always awesome to play with a bunch of friends and familiar faces, but it's also great to play with new bands and meet new people. The fact that this show was so diverse was also a nice change of pace.

How do you feel about Broken Records Magazine, and why is a united Staten Island important?
It's pretty cool to see a magazine that promotes local bands like us along with more well known bands. Well, as Lincoln said, "A house divided against itself can't stand."

What would you like to see the festival grow to?
We would be stoked to see the festival become an annual event and grow to a point where venues like Killmeyer's and Dock Street wouldn't be able to host it.

What does Radioactive Material stand for?
It stands for giving off energy and sub-atomic particles. There are usually four types: alpha, beta, gamma and neutrons, but we're a new a found strain known as bamfs.

What is your hope for punk rock in today's music scene?
Our hope is that it could flourish as it used to in the old days when punk was a bit more accepted.

Who are some of your influences, and what makes you unique from those?
We all listen to a variety of music which makes our sound unique because we try and make our songs more uplifing and positive than any of our influences, some of which are the Ramones, Sum 41 and Blink-182.

Are you guys going to be working on an EP or album?
Our EP is actually already recorded and once the rest of our merch is made, we will have an official release show.

What are some of the long term plans for the band?
As far as the road can take us, and we mean that literally. We can't wait to go on tour.

What's one of the biggest problems faced when being in a band and why is it worth it to overcome them?
A bit** named Hurricane Sandy and we'll overcome this cause playing music is our dream. We want to get back on our feet asap.

Anything else to add?
Just thanks for letting us be a part of this and check us out on Facebook - and you can listen to our music on soundcloud -

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