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Pete's Lost Luggage EP Review

Pete's Lost Luggage is a relatively new Staten Island band that brings back the sounds of one of my favorite era's of music, 2002-2005. There style is new school punk/angst filled dare I say emo punk. They sound a lot like a combination of New Found Glory, Brand New from Your Favorite Weapon and a little bit of Fall Out Boy circa Take this to Your Grave.

The band consists of:
Pete King - Vocals
Jon Marotte - Guitar
Carl LaPiedra - Bass
Chris Benne - Drums.

With that being said I absolutely love it! It's the sounds of my teenage years in High School all over. Little known secret, before I was a ravaging rap/rocker, I was actualyl a drummer/vocalist in punk bands for about six years. Ok, but enough about me, onto the EP cleverly titled, Greatest Hits Volume 3.

Photo by Four Walls Productions
The first track, "Don't Touch the Radio, It's Not Yours" kicks off like something straight out of NFG's earlier albums but adds a different dynamic with the small bursts of screaming. The prechorus resembles F.O.B. and the chorus sounds like Brand New, especially the way the music does the pause of the drums with the chugging guitars in between. It has everything in one song, and still sounds unique to them. A solid start to the EP.

Next up, "I'm High, Everything is Funny" is my least favorite track of the album, but that's not to say it's bad, just my personal taste. The best part of this song is the more aggressive layered vocals at the end. It almost creates a rallying cry and anthem, which is what punk is all about.

"Slow it Down to a Tempo of Faster" is quite simply put, awesome. The band was definitely not lying when they named this one as it's raw in your face punk reminiscent of early MxPx. Benne's drum playing is great on this track, and Pete's melodic yelling is on point as this is clearly a song of emotion.

The EP closes out with "Steve! Look Out for that Stingray" (and for the record it is not too soon for a Steve Irwin joke)... Again, this song starts out with a blast of guitars and drums. This is by far the longest track on the album clocking in at 4:00 minutes while the rest range from 1:30-3:00. I like the duel chorus vocals on this followed by the nice interlude/solo of the bass around the 1:50 marker.

Photo by Four Walls Productions
Overall, Greatest Hits Volume 3 hits the mark as a first EP. The songs are all very catchy and well written. The album's single is definitely "Don't Touch the Radio, It's Not Yours." The only possible gripe I can have with the album is the quality of recording, but then again it's a demo and I love it, it almost suits the sound and style.

One thing for sure is when they hit the studio to record a full length, they'll have a fan patiently waiting to be handed a copy.

Check them and their album out at

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