Monday, October 8, 2012

Heroes Drops Their First Full Length Album, 'The Compassion'

Local Staten Island Hardcore band Heroes just dropped their first full length album, The Compassion, and trust me, you don't want to miss it!

Consisting of band members: Nick Vitale (Vocals), Chris Benne (Guitar/Vocals), Peter Martingano (Guitar/Vocals), Nick Colella (Bass), and Paul Pipitone (Drums), this five piece is taking over the hardcore scene by storm, by mixing melodic and well driven instrumentals to break up the monotony seen from a lot of bands in the same genre.

The Compassion was released on September 17 on Contain Records with a heavy tour to come in the works.

The album opens up on a pretty unique note. "Intro" is like a really cool post-hardcore instrumental that almost fools the listener into thinking this will be the sound on the album. Then it breaks into a really fast paced punk sequence that dives further into what you'll hear before getting your face ripped off. Yeah, it's pretty awesome!

Next up is "One More Time." This song feels like an old Thrice song from The Illusion of Safety. The guitar work on this track is infectious and is a great start to the album.

Skipping ahead a bit to "Ancestors," this track is one big heavy breakdown. Lyrically, the words go punch for punch with the music. All you can really do is just nod your head. "They hope that we see what once was/ The compassion is not in our eyes/ Our fate is in one place."

"Frequency" harkens back to the intro and is reminiscent of something Moving Mountains would play, a nice little interlude before kicking down the door again with the next track, "Crossing Over."

Skip ahead to "Choke Hold" and you'll find Heroes at their angstiest and angriest. The music is brutal and the vocals are even more so, "Let this f****** end/ Hate fills my veins/ Punishing starts now/ Don't say a word/ Now this is what you made/ Look at what you did/ And all this tension here won't kill me."

"Subsister" has a punkier sound compared to some of the tracks, and vocally there's a lot of good dynamic on the track with different types of screaming mixing with clean spoken vocals.

"Survivors Guilt" is pretty awesome because it mixes the softer interludes with some background screaming. The distant screams of "I don't know what I will turn into/ But the panic seems to always settle in/ Thinking has been torture/ I just want to be safe" has a really cool effect on the song and adds depth.

Overall The Compassion is a great first effort by the guys in in Heroes. The transitions between the soft and skillful played interludes that lead into the shrill beat-down hardcore songs is great. So please please please, check out Heroes and pick up The Compassion.

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