Monday, July 9, 2012

Link Drop - Affiliation Red, POF, Fairday Skyline, Cig and More

Affiliation Red
(This song features a cameo by me on the third verse!)

Check out their new single as well!

Breaking Even
New lyrics video from this local punk band. Be sure to learn the words!

Fairday Skyline
Check out this track and free download from Fairday Skyline's upcoming release!

Process of Fusion
Vote for POF on WSIA as most popular band.

Be sure to read Backstage Interview's talk with Justin.

Check out Chris Taranto, JD, Radioactive Material, Affiliation Red, Four Nights Gone, Process of Fusion, and It's Not Over at the Full Cup July 27th!

Kritikal and Anthony M.
This song received airplay on "Franklin & Bash"

This S.I. emcee is finally back in the studio recording some bangers. Here's a sample of what he's done so far...

Be on the look out for this young R&B, Pop- rapper as he works on his first studio release!

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