Sunday, May 27, 2012

InDisguise and Company Set Their Sets on a Summer Tour

InDisguise just got finished up with doing the first War is Hell show at Dingbatz May 5th. The War is Hell series of shows were designed to unite local musicans and friends. These shows were the creations of DevilGod promotions and Morbidian productions. The three main bands are as followed: InDisguise, Fever Vein, and Bound Alive. 

DevilGod is run and owned by Mykill Vittoria who is also the lead singer of Fever Vein, and Morbidian Productions is owned and ran by Jay Prussack and Dave Incognito of InDisguise.  

InDisguise's debut CD, Ashes Divide, will be out later this summer.

Fever Vein is getting ready to release their EP, Bound Alive, and they just put out a killer new single, "Relive."

I.D. will also be on the Late Night with Johnny P Show June 28th.

More shows announced soon.

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