Monday, May 7, 2012

Affiliation Red Album Review for 'Ideologies'

Affiliation Red is a hip-hop/rock group comprised of DTropp, (rap, bass, beats), and Doug C, (guitar and vocals) who are from Pittsburgh and Oneonta respectively. 

A.F. blends the sounds of early nu metal groups with Linkin Park, and the Flobots to create a unique listening experience to the audiences ears. 

Their EP, released on May 1st, titled, Ideologies, is available for free download at in the original version and the clean version.

"Stories" opens up with great piano chords that lead into a heavy guitar riff for the chorus. Once the guitar kicks in it remains for most of the song until the drop out and vocal bridge before ending the song again. 

The rhymes and lyrics are reminiscent to the Flobots as the emcee, DTropp, keeps a steady even keeled flow throughout the song as he covers pop cultured topics such as the "three little pigs" and "Romeo and Juliet" as the message of growing up beyond the stories heard as a child are forayed into growing up.

The next track, "Welcome to the Industry," features heavier guitars over a synth laden track while discussing the insecurities and the feeling of smallness when entering the music industry.

The second half of the song sees the vocalist standing up to the "Industry" and fighting back by getting it together. This is symbolically heard in the gang vocals part of the chorus that drives home the point of unity and togetherness to overcome obstacles.

"Graduation Day" once again focuses on growing up, but this time by reflecting back on real "stories" and life as things to learn and build on. 

It is almost a teen angst song without the angst; the laid back feel of the instrumental and the relaxed vocals make you feel like you're in your teenage skin again as you replay a montage of highlights from high school.

Polishing off the set is the grittiest track, "Sickened," which sounds like a nu metal early 2000s radio banger. DTropp is the most aggressive on this track as he targets the things that make him sick and sends out a warning that he is coming to take them out. 

After a brief guitar solo the song hits back into the chorus and closes out the EP with a bang. 

The following track is a remix of "Welcome to the Industry" called "DTropp Remix."

It is the same song with different synths, piano, heavier bass, and different filters on the voice. A nice touch and send off for fans who are looking for some more length on their albums.

Overall, Ideologies, is a good first venture into in the music world for Affiliation Red as they look to make an impact in a genre that has risen and fallen over the years.

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