Monday, April 30, 2012

Anticipating the End Interview by Paul Marino

Anticipating the End, you’re a band from New Jersey. I’m from New York, how would you describe your sound to someone who doesn’t locally know you?
I would describe our sound as something never heard before. We basically put our heads together with all of our influences and put them into this band. We are definitely alternative with some electronica and a mash of other genres because we have a lot of variety in our music. That's what makes our music and sound so unique esspecially at our age.

Your band is composed of six different members; is it difficult to maintain or does everyone play their own unique part?
Definitely; all I can say to anyone out there who's starting or is a starter in a band that it isn't easy. You can't just pick up an instrument and call yourself a musician, you gotta work your heart out and put your mind to the music. Getting everyone to practice is sometimes crazy because we're only 16 and well transportation is limited until we get our license. My message out to everyone is if you're gonna start a band with 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 guys just know you can't mess around, you gotta be serious and dedicated and you may end up like us, making a difference in the industry

Your song “Bravery” focuses very much on fighting against any hate or negativity. Was there a specific event that led to the composing of this song?
This song came together by one word, "3/4," meaning the time signature of the song. It's actually 6/8 but it's basically the same thing. The true meaning of the song was about bullying and how we all witnessed it infront of us. We just wanted to make a song people can relate to and be able to say "hey im not afraid to stand up for myself!" The lyrics say it all in the song, every word is true.

You recently got booked to play at Six Flags Great Adventure, how has that impacted you all as a band?
It has definitely pushed us to the point where we know we're on the verge to enter the music industry. Six Flags is a really big venue for us and only a few bands ever get to stand on that stage. We're honored to be one of those bands. we were always made fun of and told we wouldnt be anything so this is a big in your face to the people who said we werent good enough.

Is there a plan for an album release in the future?
Yes! The name will be announced very very soon, but we are anticipating for it to be released in the fall. Expect songs just as good as the ones we have up. We made sure they were all high caliber songs and that we add variety so people who like different sounds will have something of ours to enjoy.

Who are your main influences?
 Linkin Park, Muse, Pendulum, and Three Days Grace.

What’s the relationship with your fans like?
We love our fans so much. We are always open to more and having more activity on our facebook if it was possible. At this point in time I believe more will come and more gifts will be given to the really loyal ones.

Anthony, this is more of a personal question, rather than one for the band, but the song “Gone” is about a significant loss in your life. I don’t mean to ask a question that has probably been asked a thousand times but how did this event lead to the writing of the song and how has it affected your music career?
When I was 14 I loved to hangout with my neighbor, Adam. He was a drummer and he always loved jamming. So one day, I learned a song and we jammed. His friends and him showed me Linkin Park, and I was IN LOVE after I heard "Faint."

Two months later my dad passed away and I was crushed. It was such a bad time for me, but Adam was there. Then a month later he was gone, and I was all alone. Then I made ATE and added the members that are here today. We officialy started in January of 2012, but we were around in June of 2011. My dad was the real reason I came into music. I put passion and commitment into everything. I studied my butt off for two years and bam, I became who I am today. I wouldn't be anything without my dad, and thats why I wrote "Gone."

If there was a movie about Anticipating the End, which actors, if any, would portray each member of the band?
Anthony - John Travolta (young)
Russell - Matt Timmons
Tom - Michael Cera
Evan - Woody Harrelson (with glasses)
Danny - Ido Mosseri (from Zohan)
Kyle - Adam Sandler (maybe)

What are some bands that you guys would like to headline a tour or show with?
I mean, professionally I'd say Muse, Linkin Park, or Three Days Grace. Locally, I'd say Alter The Ending, 287, The First Law, Standby, and Forever Broken.

Is the band looking to get signed onto a record label or are you looking to produce your own music?
We're looking to get signed. We're actually on the hunt thanks to our promoters working hard on finding labels that fit us and also that will support us so we can make more music and be able to do more things. Right now we're in talks with some big labels but we aren't sure if we will choose them or the other one we find so you'll just have to wait and find out

Where does the song writing process usually start?
A melody or even simply someone presenting a new idea. We work off that,  dissect it, then rebuild it and add little things into it to give it that pop and ATE feel. We work with an underrated producer who reads our minds all the time and just makes magic happen.

In my interviews I like to randomly pit two pop culture and/or media figures against each other and find out the bands opinion on the outcome. So here it goes, in a bare knuckle brawl, who would win The Terminator or Iron Man?
I'd have to say the Terminator. That guy is crazy! He'll be back so.....

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