Thursday, March 15, 2012

InDisguise News

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"And finally, it sounds like Dave Incognito
might’ve finally solidified a lineup for his
band, InDisguise, after many, many
changes, and it couldn’t come at a better
time. InDisguise is about to release their
debut CD, Ashes Divide, so they would
need to solidify a live lineup to promote it.
Joining the InDisguise staples of Dave
and guitarist Jay Prussack are bassist
Wayne Sparacino and drummer Tim
Protsman, who was the original drummer
fromMiddletown’s Core Device.For now,
InDisguise is a solid unit, so be on the
lookout for themlive in the coming months!" - Tim Louie from the Aquarian

First Singles

I.D.'s first album, Ashes Divide will be coming out summer 2012, self-released on Dave Incognito and Jay Prussack's own record label Morbidian Records.

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