Thursday, January 26, 2012

Process of Fusion 'Connections' Album Review by Paul Marino

Process of Fusion – Connections EP Review
Written by Paul Marino

Progressive rock/rap group Process of Fusion is not afraid to experiment. With vocals comparable to Coheed & Cambria’s Claudio Sanchez along with rap that will remind the listener of Pre-Meteora Linkin Park, Process of Fusion boldly and successfully mixes two different and distinct singer’s voices into all their tracks. This melding of vocal styles, along with edgy and energized drums, bass, guitar and keys, is what sets Process of Fusion apart from many other bands on the market. Following the success of their first EP State of Mind, Process of Fusion has unleashed another EP into the music world titled Connections. Connections is a five song album featuring empowering lyrics about finding a place to belong, guitar riffs that flow with the mood, and even melodies not unlike that of the group God is an Astronaut.

The first song on the EP, “Moment of Clarity,” combines both vocals and rap with fast-paced drums and strings in a song that encourages making the most of life and living in the moment. Next up is “Aspire, Inspire, Expire,” which again perfectly has Singers Patrick Wakie and Justin Sarachik’s voices reflect each other. AIE picks up quickly and then slows itself down all the while talking about the paths of life and the challenges faced when travelling down them. “What Brought Us Here” scales down on the energy of the first two tracks, but keeps along with the messages of looking within yourself and finding where you belong. It is also worth noting that this song has a very strong, very powerful, guitar solo that stands up with any modern era rock ballad.

Fourth on the set list is the song “Connections,” which throws the listener back into the fast paced, stylized and intense sound of POF without feeling disconnected from the song prior. Again, the message of self-realization is apparent throughout. The final song on the EP, “Lights In The Sky,” continues the bands perfect blend of rap and rock with a hint of instrumentals similar to the previously mentioned God is An Astronaut. This song features the sound the listener is by now accustomed to and even throws in some group vocals at its close. 

The album ends leaving listeners with the feeling of hope for your future. This album is recommended for anyone looking for a pick me up, someone looking for musical motivation, or anybody who is looking for more than what the media defines as rock nowadays. For more on Process of Fusion’s unique sound check out their Facebook and Twitter pages and be sure to wish them luck in their battle to get on the Bamboozle band roster. Voting for them probably wouldn’t hurt either.  

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