Thursday, January 12, 2012

Number 150 - The Beginning

Hello all and welcome to blog post 150!

I write to you today as someone who has spent the last two days home from work sick and has slept a combined 27 hours in two days (GLORIOUS!)

For this blog a numerical proportions I write to you as someone who is extremely overworked with many ideas and ventures going at once. However, I will not complain because I have brought it all upon myself and enjoy every bit of what I'm doing.

With that being said, I encourage bands and artists of all kinds to continue to send me stuff to post about as well as inquiries as to getting on here and in my magazine

Lastly, I would like to make an official announcement right here!

Over the last month or so I have been developing a label/promotions company out of my magazine and I feel like I have finally have the means and the right people in place to launch this thing. I have signed several local artists who you will all meet in time, and we will be taking over the Island. Here is the press release!

The Broken Records Collective is the newest brain child of Broken Records Magazine Editor-in-Chief Justin Sarachik, and will be looking to take seven of Staten Island's very best artist's in rock music and hip-hop and join them together for one common goal, success. 

The concept is to create a management/promotions record label on Staten Island that holds true to everything it promises and works exclusively with the groups to succeed as a collective. 

At the start, the label will merge hip-hop and rock to create a powerhouse of talent that not only showcases individuals, but also moves powerfully as a group to present a great show and experience for anyone involved.

The artist's have been specifically selected to compliment each other in order provide the best results. While mixing rap and rock is not a new concept, there will only be one band that floats in the middle of both. The rest of the groups will be strictly rap or rock, but at the same time unique to the collective as a whole.

TBRC will aim for two group shows a month, one in the beginning and one in the end. In between these shows, smaller selections of the group will perform either a rock show or a rap show or any other show a band has an obligation to fulfill. 

Proceeds from the shows will be split up between the artist's and the remainder will go back into the group to be used for promotion, merchandise, or whatever the collective needs.

Promotion for the group will come through Broken Records Magazine,,,, WSIA 88.9 Staten Island, Facebook and Twitter group pages, and the overall hustle and word of mouth of the parties involved. 

Broken Records will provide the contacts and means of reaching out to record labels, publicist, and other publications in order to raise awareness in other places. A monthly press release/newsletter will be sent out to blogs and music sites to inform the Internet world what is going on.

TBRC will be working internally to provide for itself jobs, whether it be recording, photography, videos, or promoters. The group will be a well-oiled machine, a community of talent helping each other get to the next level.

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