Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hip Kitty Album Review for Self Titled EP

Hip Kitty is a band that mixes several genres of music together forming what is sure to be a wonderful live experience and pure fun to jam out to.

The band's style is a mix between southern rock, metal, and modern country rock. Lead singer Jen Halverson is half Carrie Underwood and half arena rock band lead singer. Her vocals are raw and aggressive and fit perfectly over soaring guitars, and flow beautifully over ballads.

The band formed in 2002, and have two prior releases besides this EP.

"Hip Kitty is an exciting New Rock Band with great songs and an equally great Live Show. Their energy is infectious. They have worked hard at being in the Top of their class in the Nashville area. I feel they will be in the next group of up and coming bands out of the area. If you have a chance to see Hip Kitty, don't miss out, they may be on their way up and out of here very soon!” said their producer Greg Archilla.  

The first track of the album, "I'm With Your Best Friend," starts the album off strong with a vibey mainstream country rock single. The bridge of the song shows off the singer's sexy side as she seems to almost be seducing the listener between her breaths.

"Over My Head" showcases Halverson's voice as she displays a lot of attitude in a catchy rock and roll anthem. The song is very guitar driven and really compliments the vocals well adding the already apparent attitude.

The ep's one ballad is is done excellently as it allows the band to really show off their chops. The vocals in "On This Side Of Heaven" also, allow Halverson to showcase her range as well. The song has "big sound" a nice light rock radio feel to it.

"Love Hangover" is one of the heavier tracks on the album, and infused with grunge and a cool vocoder voice effect adding to the feel of the song. The song introduces male vocals as well.

The last song closes out the album strong. "Agony And Ecstasy" is a great mix of all the other songs. It has a strong rock gritty country chorus. The best part of the track is the way all the sounds and style come together to close out a fantastic ep.

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