Saturday, August 13, 2011

It's Not Over Video, Freestyle Fam Live, Patent Pending, and More

It's Not Over
Check out my friends in It's Not Over with their first music video for the song "Sweet Heart Breaker."

Freestyle Fam
Check out my Rapping bro's at Freestyle Fam as they lock down a great live internet interview along with a freestyle session.

Video streaming by Ustream

Also, check them out as they performed live today in the Bronx for RapFest 2011.

Video streaming by Ustream

Are Easy Clothing
Check out Are Easy Clothing and become a supporter! Run by Raul "Rez" Barquet, a wrestler for Warriors of Wrestling, he is expanding his line to include many other pieces. Are Easy also endorses Process of Fusion, so help us out! Like them on Facebook Here!

Patent Pending and West of Dennis Send off Show

Check out a bunch of local favorites on August 18th, including Patent Pending!

Relics has quickly become my favorite local hardcore band. Instead of having break down city everywhere, they play really intricate and captivating music. Singer Gerardo's screaming is on point too. I also love their musical interludes. Listen to and download for free their first album Natyasastra here
Be sure to check them out on Facebook.
I've embedded two new songs by them as well, check them out below

When All Else Fails
Be sure to listen to my homies in When All Else Fails. They just posted two new songs on their bandpage.
Like them on Facebook here.

Process of Fusion

If you aren't attending our CD release show, shame on you!
All the details are here.

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