Monday, April 18, 2011

Q&A With Everyone Dies in Utah

Everyone Dies in Utah is making headway with their newest release Seeing Clearly, recently dropping on March 1st. This six piece hardcore/electronica band getting noticed for their unique twist on the post hardcore genre by fluidly adding digital sounds and computer generated beats and rhythms and vocals. The following interview was conducted with drummer, Justin Morgan and bass/vocalist, Justin Yost. 
The following interview will be in the next issue of Broken Records.

You guys were one of the winning bands for the Ernie Ball Warped Tour challenge. Was winning that competition a key component on your success? 
We actually won the challenge two years in a row. It was an amazing experience and opportunity that we all feel gave us much needed promotion as well as a great time with fans and friends.

Where do you draw your influences from?
Musically, we all listen to bands from all over the musical spectrum such as: Enter Shikari, The Dangerous Summer, Enigma, and pretty much anything in between. We all have our tastes in music and we bring them all to the table in every song that we write.

Does adding the electronica/techno infused beats throughout the music change what people would typically classify a "hardcore band?"
Some would say yes, others would say no but we don't really use the electronic sound to be "genre defining." We use it more as a instrument to help create the feel and emotion that we try to give off in our songs.

Why did you go that route, and are there other dimensions of music you guys will be exploring in the future?
Originally, we didn't use electronics. But as we progressed, we realized that it can be marketable if used the right way; it was potentially a great addition to our music.

On your Myspace, you talk about wanting your music to be inspirational. Have any fans openly spoken to the band about the impact EDIU has had on their lives from a musical standpoint?
Yes! We have had fans claim to feel many different emotions after listening to our debut album, "Seeing Clearly," such as sad, happy and every emotions in between. We had a particular fan tell us she cried when she listened to the last song on the album, "Simply Me," for the first time which is actually a great thing to hear for us. It makes us feel as though our message is being heard.

What was it like finally dropping this debut record and how has the response to it been so far?
The anticipation was almost too great but now that it has finally dropped, we've had great reviews and responses and we couldn't be happier about it.

What do you think is uniquely different about your album compared to some of your peers?
We're not going to sit here and say that you're going to love our album more than our peers album but we will say that we wrote it from our hearts. We wrote it out of experiences that we've had that can relate to one another and the strongest messages we had to give, we actually repeated a few times throughout the album so our fans, and friends would truly understand our meaning.

Bed, Bath, & Beyonce...please explain. 
The name doesn't relate to anything in all honesty. We try to be positive people but that doesn't mean that we don't like to have fun and enjoy life. We like to joke around and have a lighthearted time with our fans. The name just goes to show that we really don't need to be serious all the time to write meaningful music.

Why do so many people die in Utah?
Honestly, we have no idea. None of us have ever even been to Utah so we're not entirely sure. The band name actually just came from a statistic saying that Utah had the highest death rate of all of the states at one point, henceforth, Everyone Dies In Utah.

What is in the near future for EDIU?
We have a few tours coming up during the summer stretching from the west coast to the east coast and almost everywhere in between. We're excited to get out there and play with some awesome bands, meet tons of awesome new people, and ultimately, share our love for music with the world. We also have a music video for our single, "Bed, Bath, & Beyonce," that is scheduled to release on AP's website April 21st and we're super stoked for that.

Anything else you want to add?
Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to give us a chance. It truly does mean the world to us. Come out to a show, pick up a record, and come give us high fives! And of course, don't put twinkies on your pizza!


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