Friday, February 11, 2011

New Releases- Incognito Theory News, A'tris song of the week, THC Video, and some Jingle Ball interviews

More news from Dave Incognito of Incognito Theory. Dave has partnered up with long time friend Jason DePalma of Aug and Eastcoast Zero, for a side project. Aptly entitled, Incognito & DePalma, Dave promises a side of him you have never seen before.

The first song "Faith in Me" is expected to be done by March. The project came about as Dave, like many singers, began to grow anxious as the rest of his band in IT is spending time recording their instruments. "It's just something to keep me going," he says.

The music will be a cross between Tantric, Dave Matthews Band, and Jack Johnson meets John Mayer.

IT would also like people to know that the song "Forsaken" from the first ep will be rerecorded with a new twist for the upcoming CD, Silent Pain coming spring 2011 for Romulus X Records.

In other news

A'tris releases a video for week 6 of the weekly song project, check it out.

The Higher Concept
Have released a video using fan footage for their newest song "Toast to Life"
Watch the video below

Lastly, my partner in crime at Broken Records did a few interviews  at Jingle Ball that you should check out.
Flo Rida Interview by Scott Vollweiler of Broken Records


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