Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A'tris Weekly Download 7 & 8, Hollywood Girl Trailer, Jon Santos music, and POF news!

My apologies to A'tris for not posting your video last week, so you get a double shot this week. (Mason will yell at me for saying sorry, so here's your warning- don't do it!)

Those videos are week 7 and week 8 of the new song a week project. Keep up the good work!

Hollywood Girl Season 1 Trailer

Hollywood Girl even has a IMDB Page now! See it here

Also, be sure to check out POF's producer, Jon Santos and his new music project here

"The new EP, The Long Road, by Jon Santos will be online this spring. Jon hits his studio Feb 26 with good friend Bobby A on drums to record a few songs he has been working on the past year.[He] will also re-record a few songs off the fallzone album because he wants a better sound and now that he has a much better studio to bang out a better bigger recording."

Be sure to contact me for tickets for Saturday's Bamboozle Break Contest. My band is in the 2nd round. We go on at 10pm at the Crazy Donkey.

Also, vote for us to be played on the radio here

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  1. HAHA! I heart you Justin :) Thanks, as always, for the blog love. Really appreciate your continued support!


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