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Former Death Metal Rockstars are Trying Something New- Incognito Theory

The music industry is a funny place, but sometimes no one is laughing. Nothing about music is stable, and just because you love a sound- doesn't mean every one else will. It is these people who realize that sometimes change is good, and essential to prolong the life of their dreams. This is what happened to New Jersey rockers, Dave Incognito and Jay Prussack, founders of Metal band, Incognito Theory.

The two best friends have played together throughout countless bands over the years. Prior to Incognito Theory, they had mostly played death metal. There last band was called, Dying Eyes of Sloth, but it became evident that they needed to throw their death metal roots behind them. "When you play for the death metal scene, you play for a certain group of people. We want to broaden our horizons, be universal, and be more well known," said frontman Dave. Guitarist, Jay sees this transition as something different, "I'm still into the heavy stuff. This is something different, like a challenge."

Dave Incognito

So what exactly is this new sound like? Upon listening, it is easy to hear hints of Disturbed and Godsmack intertwined. "It's a melting pot of a lot of stuff...powerful metal overtones with melodic vocals," Jay said. It's all the grunge nu metal goodness you like with influences of their roots. "We are trying to reinvent the wheel...[we have] great showmanship, talent, and honesty," Dave said excitedly.

As previously stated, the music industry is a tricky place. Perhaps Jay says it the best when referring to the new goals of the band, "You just have to stand out from the crowd. Grab bits and pieces of stuff, and be unique enough." Another theme for the band is originality. This is what Incognito Theory is looking to bring to the table- a little bit of the old, and a little bit of the new.

But before they could set up any goals, Incognito Theory originally started as a solo project by Dave. He put out one album called, Forsaken. Flash forward about a year or so, and now Incognito Theory consists of Dave and Jay, and most recently; bassist, Erik Reynolds and drummer, Rob Goellner. Upon joining the band, Dave and Jay immediately penned their first single, "This Present."

For these two the collaboration wasn't too difficult because of their passion and love for music, and the like-minded-ness they have in taste. Dave's influences include an all-star lineup of vocalists like: Dave Williams, Scott Weiland, Gene Simmons, Bret Michaels, and Dani Filth for his metal vocals. Jay is really into old school thrash and power metal like: Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Slayer, Metallica, and Cannibal Corspe.

Some of their biggest moments as musicians have occured together. They played a 40 Below Summer, reunion show with God forbid and Ashes for your Enemy. It was a huge show because these bands where big locally. "We knew a lot of people at that show," Dave said. As far as capacity wise and venue wise, the biggest show they have played was at Starland to a crowd of about 1000. They had about 140 people there, and only had two weeks to sell tickets. Jay says one of his biggest rock star moments was "...going into a solo I dropped the pic. I played the rest of the song with my fingers, and nobody even noticed...that's rock and roll," he said laughing.

Jay Prussack

The writing process for Incognito Theory varies with the moment. "Sometimes I write the lyrics and show Jay, and he just figures it out," Dave said. "It's a progressive thing. Dave pieces lyrics to what I've written, or I construct around what he has written," said Jay.

For the immediate future, they plan on taking a break in December and then finishing up the EP this winter. Jay does all the recording himself, and says "There is still a lot to do." The EP is scheduled to be released in early 2011 and it will be called, Silent Pain.

"We plan on taking this to the next level. It's all about the music, this is Dave, Jay, Rob, and Erik- complete," said Dave. "I play music for the love and everything that goes into it. The band has promise, so lets achieve something," said Jay. "Let's build a following and not stand still."

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(L to R) Rob, Jay, Dave, Erik


  1. The band is okay but the SINGER SUCKS and they are stealing music thats not theirs!!!!!!!!!!

  2. they need serious help they should just give it up

  3. they guy who said they steal music is a loser and the band SUCKS! singer drumer bass player guitar

  4. Wow such positive remarks.Didn't your mother ever tell you if you have nothing nice to say than don't say anything at all

  5. who ever listens to there to mom n dad anyway when it come to music..the band sucks n should give it up..even when they were dyimg eyes of sloth they sucked..and thats what these forums are for leaving comments good or bad

  6. Well let me just say this, instead of making hateful comments, at least explain, why you feel this way before making accusations. I'm not saying this attackingly either.

  7. They r no talent lyric stealing suck ass band going nowhere fast
    singer is a lying asshole who thinks he is gods gift to the world.
    They should just call it quits for good or band should find a new frontman
    More than one person on here saying it then it must be true

  8. Posting repetedly as "anonymous" is a pretty pussy move. If you have something to say about anything, at least have the balls enough to sign your name to it. At least if you gonna spout off at the mouth, learn to spell and use proper grammer. I personally think the band is awesome and all the guys in it are the most genuine people I've met in a long time. I know of self titled managers with low class whore friends who would just love to drag these guys down. ~ Jen Bailey

  9. I love this present!!!

  10. Oh Damn..Seriously... children have to act like children I guess. stolen music- I'm sorry do you mean the Forsaken album..sorry but that was written for Incognito theroy when it had different members so its still good. Don't fear though..the writers have progressed far past the basic music of Forsaken. Get ready for Silent Pain 2011!!! ~Evie Evyl.

  11. When I read the email that people were trashing Incognito Theory at first my response was..for what they ROCK. Then I had to laugh, don't these people know ALL press is good press! Stupid. Can't wait for the show on the 8th.

  12. I'm not putting my name cause I don't want to sign up, but my name is Brian and I think Incognito Theory is an awesome band. I saw them at Starland 40 Below Summer. Awesome! Can't wait to hear some new stuff.

  13. Evie- Don't type while mad girl, you spelled the band's name wrong!!lol. This band Rocks!! and more then one person is saying it so it must be true!

  14. hey every1, this is erik from the band. seems like some1 just has a personal issue with the singer. if anybody has any real critiscims please send them to our myspace. otherwise thank you anonymous shit talker (who we know who is) for making us look popular lol every band has their low life haters.

  15. haha awe, looks like someone has some issues with Dave. whoever anonymous is that's being an ass, grow the hell up, constructive criticism is good, but you don't need to be a dick. the band is awesome and so are the people in it. just cause most people probably don't like you doesn't mean you need to talk shit. k thanks :)

    Sincerely, Emily :)

  16. im not an exact member of this band but i go to every practice and every show, and they're some of the nicest guys i know, yeah they're GUYS [[no offense boys]] but get over it, every guy has their moment, so grow the fuck up and get over it. i know the people posting shit r people who r WAY too old to be acting like this, uncle frank i thought u were an awesome guy n i kno im young but im not dumb...i kno ur pist bc they kicked u out, so wat get over it, maybe if u did ur JOB u wouldnt have gotten the boot, so accept the consequences of ur actions, or the lack of actions i should say, and u other fucker that is saying how they steal music, fuck u! ive been to all of their practices and they havent EVER stolen anything!! so get over urself u jealous piece of shit! il be honest its not the exact kind of music that i listen to but they're good, theres soooo many bands out there that think they're the shit and think that they're gonna make it big and they end up washed up old fucks, these guys r actually making something of themselves! what band can u say played their first show at starland?! PLEASE! tell me this...im done with my bitch moment...Incognito Theory, i love you guys and you know it, and to all the people out there reading this, please act ur age...

  17. To all the people coming to the defense of Incognito Theory, thanks for reading. Dave and Jay are some good dudes. Again, I don't know them well enough to know about all these terrible accusations, but they certainly don't suck. Haters comments might have a little more validity if they weren't anonymous. Thanks for reading, and check out some of my other articles!

  18. Everyone needs to stop talking shit about other bands...

  19. Hey everyone this is Dave the vocalist . I want to take this time to thank all who have our backs .
    Just to set the record straight . Our ex manger Uncle Frank was not kicked out or given the boot .
    it was an amicable split . Me and the guys are still good friends with him and wish him the best.And one day maybe we can work together again in some capacity. Till then . Stay tuned
    new song Vengeance is Mine coming soon . followed by our new ep Silent Pain ...

  20. They steal people's music.

  21. Obviously someone stole your brain

  22. Saw these guys open for 40 Below Summer,

    Hey Mr. Incognito your band is not that good for real man it's boring as hell and makes me want to jump into on coming traffic on a hot summer day.

    lisping uncle franks metal management, what a joke LMAO HA HA HA



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