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Girls that Rock Part 2, Spread the Rumor's Sabrina and WSIA's Jenna Lynn

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Sabrina Fracchiolla, 17, guitar/vocals for STR
Photo by Alexa DiMaio
Sabrina Fracchiolla of Staten Island band, Spread the Rumor, is already a veteran in her music scene at just 17 years old. Having been playing music since she was 11, Sabrina plays the guitar and belts out powerful perfectly pitched vocals for her all girl band.

She attributes Green Day as her first influence but has now branched out to other artists like Paramore and Katy Perry. Her biggest influence however, will always remain her mom who is a singer songwriter too.  

When asked about her main inspiration in music, she responded “There is only one thing in my life that makes me a confident person; that's the music that I create and show to the world. Playing music for people gives me a feeling I simply cannot explain in words, and it inspires me to be a better person…”

She describes her biggest rock star moment as: "First, playing in "The Break Contest" to get into Bamboozle. We played at The Stone Pony, [memorable] just because of how many amazing and influential people played the same stage as us that day. But I'd say my number one favorite rockstar moment would be November 8 2009. We were playing in a final round of a Battle of The Bands, in Sullivan Hall NYC. I was sick with pneumonia, and could hardly sing, but we pulled through and rocked out in front of so many people. We won the battle and won $1000!! It was one of the best feelings EVER."

Sabrina hopes to one day see STR gracing the stages of venues all over, and would love to make it her profession. “My ultimate goal as a musician is to be happy, and get better at my instrument, without stressing out so much. Music should be something to let your stresses run free, not cause stress.”

Sabrina’s advice to girls is, “If you don't play an instrument, just go for it… In some sense, it's fun to face your fear, and trust me. Once you get used to playing in front of people, it's the best feeling in the world. Never give up on music, because even if you feel it has given up on you, music is the medicine to cure anything.” 

(L to R)- Hilary, Valerie, Terri, Sabrina (top)- Katie
Photo by Georgine Beneventuo

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WSIA 88.9 Radio Personality, Jenna Lynn
Jenna Lynn

Jenna Lynn, a 21-year-old College of Staten Island student does a lot more than go to classes, she helps runs a radio station, 88.9 WSIA FM.

Just think of her as a jack-of-all trades doing everything from production director, program director, and on air DJ, as well as studio mixing and production.

Jenna is also one of the co-founders of Drive Time radio, which are special blocks of music, weather, and traffic from the hours of 7am-10am and 4pm-7pm. Most importantly however, is the later Drive Time where WSIA plays unsigned and local talent. She takes great pride in being able to expose bands music to the world for the first time. “A few years back, even before me, an unknown band named Paramore came in the studio to record some demos. Now look at them.”

That's one of the cool features about WSIA that she is most proud of. They are not a top 40 station, they play music you can't hear anywhere else. 

Being a part of the station definitely has its perks, this summer she described being able to interview bands on the “Scream it Like You Mean it Tour” as one of her favorite moments. Her favorite times though, are when she has a band in the station for an interview, “You never really know what’s going to happen,” she says. She also attributes a trip to Florida as a memorable one, after spending a week talking to record execs and new artists.

Jenna says her favorite local bands are: It's Not Over, Step Aside, Process of Fusion, and Legend of the Fall. She credits these bands as having the "it" factor, and expects great things in their future.

"Music is so diverse, growing up I listened to everything. I started by getting big into house music. From there I became interested in production in general, which turned me to rock," she said. "Music has saved me from a desk job. It's getting paid for something I love rather than getting paid in order to get something I love."

Overall Jenna Lynn has greatly enjoyed her time at WSIA, but she is on to bigger and better things. Jenna was recently scouted out by the Art Institute of Philadelphia where she can graduate with a Bachelors Degree in Audio Production. “My ultimate goal is to be tour manager for a successful band, traveling and living out my dream.”

Jenna Lynn


  1. Jenna Lynn is freakin awesome... she is just as awesome in person as she sounds on the radio!!!

  2. I almost said thank you Jenna, after reading this lol. But clearly you are not her lol. Thanks for reading, she is awesome!


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