Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Objective #5, Stay True to Your Goals and be Yourself

It is always important to set goals no matter what your endeavor may be. As a writer you should strive to always put out the best work possible. Most importantly write how you would want to read yourself. Put some confidence into your writing, and be sure to know what you are writing about. Reading a blog or an article littered with errors or no factual information makes you lose credibility. The worst thing to be is a joke.

On the music end, stick true to your guts. Don't "sell out" in the sense of making top 40 hit music unless that is your genre. If you are a metal band who sees Lady Gaga on TV, don't become a dance/pop group. Stay true to yourself. If you decide to sway into a different direction of music be sure to have something about it sound distinctly like you. If not, be prepared to explain yourself in detail. My bands new album coming out is very different from the first one, but when you hear it there is no doubt it's Process of Fusion.

I'm in a rock/rap band, we play rock/rap music. I write a music blog, so I write about music. Stick to your guns, and do what you love. Don't let anyone try to change you, and don't change because it's not popular.

This concludes my 5 part Journalism Project series. More interviews coming soon.

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