Friday, September 17, 2010

Local Band Woods of Arden are Looking to Turn Heads with a CD Release Party Nov 12

I met with Mike Gambino and Jordan Wolfson of Woods of Arden at Fenix Studios with Terri Caputo. Not only were they a great interview, but they also offered helpful insight to musicians in a young band. Thanks guys for being so cool, and I hope to play some shows with you soon. The following article will be in Broken Records Magazine due out later this month.

Woods of Arden Play a CD Release Show at the Gramercy Theater for Nov. 12

Wood’s of Arden is:

Alex Kostov- Vocals
Mario Traina- Lead Guitar
Greg Gioia- Rhythm Guitar
Jordan Wolfson- Bass
Mike Gambino- Drums

The members of Staten Island rock band, Woods of Arden, are ready to take it to the next level with their new EP Short Fuse Dynamite. This is the 3rd EP by the band and it opens up strong with the driven “Over the Line. The haunting vocal harmonies in “Crazy” convey a large amount of emotion from vocalist Alex and the acoustic guitars complement his lower range tremendously. “Goodbye” changes the feel up a bit with an array of effects and has a dance feel to the verses. The last fifteen seconds of the record allow drummer Mike to show off his chops, sending off Short Fuse Dynamite with a bang.

To celebrate what drummer Mike says is “The band’s best and most proud of recordings yet,” WOA will be having their CD release party November 12 at the Gramercy Theater hosted by Playing along with WOA and also hooking them up with the sweet venue is fellow S.I. rockers, Dead
Men Dreaming. Also playing will be 40 Below Summer, and With Daggers Drawn.

Although the Gramercy Theater won’t be the biggest venue capacity wise for WOA, they realize the importance and the possible positive repercussions of this show. Mike and Jordan spoke about this being their biggest chance to get noticed, and to make significant progress on the band front. But Jordan keeps it in stride saying, “Success is perspective.” Meaning everyone’s perceptions of being successful is different. They obviously wouldn’t mind some fame, but as long as their music is getting spread to a
wider audience they’ll be happy.

Woods of Arden describes their sound as heavily 90’s rock influenced. Think of the grungy elements of the Stone Temple Pilots and the more alternative side of Foo Fighters.

Some of the band’s accomplishments include a packed out performance at Webster Hall for Emergenza in front of 3,000 people in 2006. WOA also has two other EP’s, the Woods of Arden EP, and the 3P EP.
So what does the future hold for Woods of Arden? Jordan says, “Playing more shows out of state and building a bigger following.” Mike says “A lot more time recording, and continuing to take it to the next level. We are there already, but we can push further.”

Woods of Arden will also be playing their first show for Meany Fest at the Delancy September 24.
Hopefully after November 12, Woods of Arden can finally break through into an industry they worked so hard to reach.

Woods of Arden can be reached at the following websites.

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