Thursday, September 30, 2010

3 Story Pitches

Yet again I am writing for my journalism class. I have to take three of my story pitches and explain why I am doing them.

Local Music

The first story pitch I propose is the local music scene as stated previously. As far as an objective, it is to reach out to as many bands, artists, musicians, etc as I can. It is my hope that I can generate a buzz or some good press around these artists' and maybe they can return the favor.

My wish is to create a web of journalism connecting me to as much local music as I can. I want to be "the" guy when it comes to an authority of the Staten Island music scene. In that way I can "monopolize" myself of sorts. I enjoy what I'm doing and I've met some awesome and talented people along the way.

The news elements of this are:
1. It's local, and serves the community.
2. It can impact the music scene.
3. Music is important to a lot of people.

My reporting methods will stay the same. I do interviews either in person or through email. Sometimes I observe the band live, or just do a question and answer, and other times I make it a story.

This is obviously relevant to Online Journalism because I can reach people through a network of websites like: Facebook, Twitter, Email, and even on here.

Commentary Correlations Between Music and Journalism

Much like I did on my last couple posts, I compared the similarities between the two. I can continue to press on the issue of them being competitive fields, and the importance of making a brand.

The idea of making a brand out of yourself is very important if you plan to make it anywhere. Everyone needs to be an expert at their specific field in order to be taken serious. I am slowly working on my brand, and would go through the process of explaining it as I go.

The news elements of this are:
1. Its relevancy to the working world.
2. It is always timely because everyone is always looking for a job.
3. The impact could be great if enough people did the right things.

Reporting methods would be self evaluations and internet researches. I can interview people who have successfully created a brand for themselves. 

Online journalism would be prominent here because it is the way of the future. It is where everything is heading, and pretty soon it will be the only way to the communicate.

Being in a Band and the Band Perspective

This is pretty simple. I'll document what it's like being in a band, and maybe analyze performances or the mind set and process of being in a band.

I figure I could use my experiences as an artist performing for the last two years and provide insight on how it is to be in a band. It takes a lot of dedication, hard work, and sacrifice to get where you need to be, and I'm not even famous.

The news elements are perhaps it may be a cool human interest story. It could also have social context among people in my age group looking to aspire for something.

Reporting methods would be unconventional because it would come from me. Then again, this is a blog so that kind of reporting is allowed. I would have to figure out a way to make my opinion matter to people.

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