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Rap Group Analog Dive

Hey everyone, sorry for the long delay but lots of good things have been happening in my world lately. I promise to update more frequently. This feature will be the second group I cover from L.A., so keep spreading the word.

Analog Dive

Analog Dive (Left to Right)
EddieSeven, Kelii, CrazyEight

Analog Dive is a three piece rap group consisting of:
CrazyEight- Rapper
Kelii- Beat Producer
EddieSeven- Live DJ and Back Up Vocals

Originally formed in Hawaii, rapper CrazyEight moved to L.A. to pursue his aspirations of spreading his music nationally. DJ Kelii and CrazyEight's relationship is now through the Internet, whenever Kelii sends over a beat.

CrazyEight started rapping with some friends in the 6th grade when he realized the passion he had for it. He started listening to Eminem, Redman, and DMX. The sparks of an emcee's intellect was starting to form. After battle rapping and securing a local fan base, it was out to L.A. Now instead of emulating rappers, he gets to be one. Since moving to L.A. CrazyEight draws inspiration from life and the culture change between Hawaii and California. "Taking the bus, the different attitudes in people, traffic, the homeless people, and the list goes on and on."

Analog Dive doesn't have an elaborate story as to where the name came from. It really was just a last minute fix,

"We actually had another name, and right when we were about to put out our debut album we found out someone else had the name... Honestly the name just sounds catchy. Analog is pretty much the beginning of most technology, it was fresh, raw, and straight forward. We want the listeners to dive into our sound, the beginning, something fresh."

So where does the name CrazyEight from? It actually comes from the opening line of all his old rap battles, "Yo my name is CrazyEight, Crazy for the way I spit eight for the 808, born in Hilo 1988, that ain't too late." (808 is the area code for Hawaii).

CrazyEight describes the hip-hop scene on the "Big Island" as "pretty much dry." However on the island of Oahu it's a lot bigger. He credits the success of his rapper friend "Creed Chameleon" and the growing popularity of hip-hop through a company called "Flip the Bird" (ran by Tasho Pierce). Although Analog Dive had a growing fan base, it would not be near the numbers possible in L.A.

Analog Dive has played to around 150-200 people on two separate occasions. The first time was at "the Dragon Fly" when they embarked on a Cali tour with Creed Chameleon. The 2nd was at their album release party at "Daydream Republic". Expect tons of energy and a good time with crowd interaction at a Analog Dive show. If you get the crowd behind you, then it doesn't really matter what happens on stage.

Analog Dive has worked with the likes of Mac Lethal of Rhymesayers/Black Clover Records. Mac is one of the best mid-west emcees out there. While not huge in the mainstream world, Mac has a large underground following and it's certainly an accomplishment to have worked with him. For the next album coming out August 2011, Analog Dive will collaborate with Abstract Rude, Nocando, and Creed Chameleon. They've also opened up for: Aceyalone, Riffle Man, Dumbfoundead, Sunspot Jonz, Percee P, and countless other independent rappers.

Hip-Hop is an ever changing genre of music with it being reinvented time after time. CrazyEight seems to feel the same way,

"I really don't know where hip-hop is going. I mean I know it's culture and I'm down with the Graffe Heads, the B-Boys, the emcee's, and the DJ's but I'm not too picky about where or how hip-hop should be. Although it does irritate me when people make rap just to become rock stars and make millions, as opposed to doing your best to make the most amazing piece of art that you can possibly conjure up. It seems to be very universal at this point with so many different styles of rappers out there. I'm pretty easy going with it and I'd like to continue to see original and creative work being put out there."

You can purchase Analog Dive's first album "Fineprint" off of iTunes or accesshiphop.com, featuring many local artists and Mac Lethal.

Free ep- www.Analogdive.bandcamp.com

Also check out "RisingSons Independent" which will be releasing "Hi Times" by Southern Cumiford

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