Friday, July 9, 2010

Interview with S.I. MC, Chris "CiG"

Music Interview with Staten Island MC, Chris “CiG” 

With over 13 years of rapping experience under his belt, Cig is finally looking to break through.

After almost getting signed to Warner Brother/Sony in the mid 2000’s with then group “Ghost Town”, CiG went on a brief hiatus, where he occasionally wrote songs, but never performed and sparingly recorded. Now that he is back; he’s gearing up for the 3 years in the making release of his new album “Back against the Wall”.

Band Guy- Where and how did you get your name?
CiG- “When I was younger I had a beard and looked older, so I would buy cigarettes for my friends who weren’t old enough. Another more personal name is “Cigathin”.”

BG- What sparked Hip-Hop in you, and what shaped your skills as an artist?
CiG- “I started in 97 making rap parodies of all my favorite songs. I wasn’t into music until Biggie died. My friends told me I was getting good, so I got more serious. In 2003 I formed Ghost Town with Yosh, Ceza, and J Forms. We started performing and recording and that’s when things took off.”

“My father passing away worked as an outlet to make me focus on music. I lost the feeling for a little while, and then when my mom passed I got re-inspired. I make music to be happy. We live in this iTunes society where we need music just to get through the day.”

BG- What’s the writing process like for “CiG”?
CiG- “Sometimes the beat speaks to me, so I write it down. I’m ready all day. I’m constantly writing, I keep a pen and a notebook at all times. It’s almost like a freestyle process; I go letter by letter and write words down. It also depends on what kind of mood I’m in. If I’m in a party mood I write a party song. If I’m in a serious mood, I write a serious song. I also tend to write in bunches where I’ll write 7 songs in a day. It all just depends.”

BG- How did you record some of your early music and what was the reception like?
CiG- “I recorded my earliest stuff on a PC with a mic, the quality was terrible. Since then I’ve traveled around different studios on the Island and in Jersey.”

“The response was great. I used to battle kids at school for lunch. They all wanted copies of my early demos. At the end of my senior year of High School, my grade wanted me to get up in front of the whole school and freestyle. It was my rock-star moment.”

BG- At what age was CiG at his best, has your style changed with age, and what’s your reputation?
CiG- “I'm better now because I’ve grown up, I have more life experience. My style now is more listener friendly. As I’ve grown, so have my listeners. I guess I have a “good” reputation. On “ I had over 25,000 plays. My friend the other day said “You can tell when it’s a CiG song,” whether that’s good or bad I don’t know, but it’s my style.”

BG- Did you enjoy rap battling and does it make you better or worse?
CiG- “It definitely makes you better. You always have to come bring it or go home.”

BG- Can you tell me a little about Ghost Town and 5th Boro?
CiG- “Ghost Town was what really got me started. We made 3 official albums hosted by some famous DJ’s. We put out a new CD every 4 months or so. We won a talent contest for Wayne Enterprise at the Pyramid near Harlem, and were featured on DVD’s and magazines. We were the only white kids in the whole competition, but we still got our props. Then we were being checked out by Warner Brothers/Sony, but that never fell through. We kind of went our own ways after that.”

“5th Boro was a group I was in with Black Caeza and Tony KZ. We did shows and recorded some stuff, but nothing too big happened.”

BG- What was your favorite and biggest show, and what was your worst moment?
CiG- “My favorite show was when we won the showcase. The biggest was Ghost Town with “the Dead End Kids” at X-Factor. We played in front of 600 people. This was at our peak in Staten Island, and an overall good time for local Hip-Hop.”

“My worst moment was when I choked during a freestyle competition at my first show when I was 14.”

BG- Who are your favorite rappers and what’s your favorite song you have written?
CiG- “Biggie, Pac, Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Fabolous, Joe Budden, and my favorite is Eminem. He raps real life situations. My favorite song I wrote has to be “Take a Look” which is about my father dying of cancer.”

BG- Here’s an important question: Pac or Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas, Eminem or Wayne?
CiG- “Pac but Biggie when I’m in a party. Jay-Z over Nas. Eminem of course wins, but Wayne has being holding it down lately.”

BG- Who are your fans and what can they expect from seeing CiG live?
CiG- “Anyone can be a fan. I make it universal: kids, adults, whatever. As far as performing you’ll enjoy the show and have a good time. There will be something for everyone, and hopefully I’ll beat your expectations.”

BG- Why is CiG different from every other rapper, and what’s the sickest rhyme you ever wrote?
CiG- “I’m versatile. I’m not afraid to talk about my flaws and strengths. I live what I say. I don’t know what my sickest rhyme is, so I guess it hasn’t been written yet.”

BG- Realistically, what are your goals in music and what do you hope to do with it?
CiG- “I want to make it. I want to touch people as well. Unfortunately record labels won’t take a chance on someone like me because I’m not like what’s out there. For now I hope everyone enjoys my music as much as me.”

CiG is truly an awesome dude with a passion for many things. He excels and strives for the best at everything he does. If you spent a few minutes with him you’d see how humble and helping of a person he is. CiG has had a tough life but makes the best out of everything and never gives up. Make sure you go out and support him when his CD “Back against the Wall” drops at the end of this month.

(Sucker Free Freestyle)

(Take a Look)

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