Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What's Coming...

Coming soon,
1. An article for the Advance about 3 local bands in 3 different Battle of the Bands.
2. Spread the Rumor Review
3. Annie Eve Preview
4. POF news
5. Hip-Hop show
6. Rapper CiG


  1. Why do I feel like the battle of the bands I'm running is one of those Battle of the Bands? Also I'm almost done with the first single from Rise With The Fallen's upcoming EP, and you can review that one if you'd like along with our old stuff, and if I finish up any of the other EP tracks I'll let you take a listen to those as well.

  2. No it actually wasn't for your battle of the bands. It is for 3 local bands in 3 different competitions and it already came out online at least. Yeah send anything over whenever.

  3. Okay, yeah I saw that article when it got posted. One thing though, not to disrespect that article at all, but there are a handful of other bands in the Jersey Shores Battle Of The Bands you left out that are representing Staten Island, including Sanitarius, Beyond All Reason, and Unleash The Beast, so if you weren't going to include them, I didn't think it was too right to bring in that battle without giving the proper background on the whole battle, but that's just my stance.

  4. well that was the band assigned to me. I made mention of the others in the middle. I can only write about so many things at once. Junkyard Luxury contacted me to write about them, so I wrote about them. I'm doing what I'm assigned to do.

  5. Okay, I didn't notice that line, but maybe next time just at least maybe include the other bands' myspaces at the very least, as even though you were reporting on those 3 bands, the fact that nothing was written at all on the others does make the article appear biased, even though those were the 3 bands to contact you. I'm not trying to be a major critic, I just felt that it was a little unfair to the other bands, because nothing against Junkyard Luxury (who I'm actually going to be supporting them for their date anyway), but what makes them warrant the article more than the others besides them asking? The advance wouldn't print an article to help a school try and get money for a music program because they didn't have a full story including the side from the school, yet they'd gladly print an incomplete story that mentions certain select bands in battles that just asked to be printed for the sake of promotion even though there were other local bands involved. By the way, NFC made it through to the next round, the article was printed 2 days before the round ended, and they got through.


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