Thursday, April 15, 2010

So Let's Get Local and Head Out to Orange County- A STEREOFIX Review

So I looked out my window and decided Staten Island was too small for today. Using the mighty Interweb I was transported to a magical place called the O.C. I know what you're thinking, why would Justin do that? He is a Staten Island blogger, what impact could he possibly have in Cali? Well you see, it's a funny story... because the O.C. came to me.

It was then when I logged on to my vice of choice, Facebook, that I realized I had a message. This message was from a certain booking agent/tour manager known as, Gabriel Lee. He was referred to me by a mutual Facebook friend, who told him I write about music. Lee told me about a band he manages known as STEREOFIX, who is an up and coming band that is a little bigger than the average local circuit group. When you are local on Staten Island, you are basically confined to a whopping combination of three places to play with the same following for every band. This was not the case for STEREOFIX. It was time for me to jump at the opportunity. So without further adieu, and without me rambling more, I present STEREOFIX.


"STEREOFIX is an up and coming group that took home "Best Alternative" over Thrice and Saosin, so be on the lookout for them". -Blackout (Staff Writer) for KROQ 106.7

Stereofix certainly exudes the kind of musicianship they aspire after. With a heavy 80's pop rock arsenal of songs to fuel their catalog, one can't help but draw comparisons to the Killers and U2. Of course when being compared to such industry heavy weights, especially the latter, no one will complain. However, what makes Stereofix different from your average local band comparisons is their presentation and work ethic. Both of which are clearly shown throughout their body of work and knack for drawing a crowd. It seems the boys of Stereofix have mastered a way to take the similar sounds of the 80's and popular music, and make it their own. They achieve this all while implementing a twist of modern rock and clever writing. How else would you expect to stay relevant, and fresh in todays industry of clones and cheap gimmicks?

Before Stereofix could conjure up grand schemes of global tour domination or even the simple task of recording a CD, they had to form. The band was founded in 2006 by brothers Ray and Kamren Alexander. Both previously had other musical ventures, but decided to bring it together as a family. (No bond stronger than two brothers!). This must have held true for the Alexander bro's as they eventually added Mark Allan and through much trial and error, Anthony Hainsworth. The band was finally complete:

Ray Alexander- vocals,
Kamren Alexander- guitar/backing vocals
Mark Allan- bass
Anthony Hainsworth- drums

It was this four piece that headed into the studio in the summer of 2009 to record an EP. They had the privilege of working with major record producers Mark Needham, who has worked with such artists as My Chemical Romance and the Killers (no wonder where that influence comes from) and Joe Zook, who has worked with the likes of Modest Mouse and One Republic. Under the guidance of these great producers, Stereofix's masterpiece was complete. The six song EP was titled "The Warning Sign EP".

1. A Day Without You
2. Maybe
3. The Warning Sign
4. Save it for the Broken Hearted
5. Best Days
6. Hold On

After completing the album, nothing but good things were on the horizons for these hardworking band mates. As previously stated they won best alternative band at the 2010 OCMA's (Orange County Music Awards). There music was being played on over 250 radio stations nationwide, including MTV soundtracks. Some of Stereofix's music was featured on MTV reality shows like: Road Rules, the Hills, and the Real World. Other notable events include a performance at the Playboy Mansion, and opening for famous acts such as Everclear and oddly enough Three6Mafia. Despite Hollywood endeavors, Stereofix keeps it real by playing for numerous organizations and benefits such as: Rock For MS and Act Today, a charity for autism awareness.

Overall Stereofix is definitely worth your investment of time. They provide easy listening with nice melodic vocals, and well structured songs. The production and sound quality of the tracks is top notch and industry standard. They are certainly more than just a local band, and with close to a million plays on myspace you can see why. Perhaps one day we'll be watching these guys on Fuse or closing out a program for the late night talk shows. Who knows, they are on the right track, best of luck fellas!


You can also purchase their music on Amazon and iTunes!


  1. You're right, they do sound a lot like the Killers. Unfortunately, I do think they sound similar to 80% of the pop-punkish bands coming up these days. Wish them luck though.

  2. Great review and links to listen to their music and learn more about them!

  3. I think you nailed it--they sound a LOT like the Killers and U2 (and for folks who don't know who the Killers are they'll get the U2 reference). This is an almost perfect review. I think your writing is really strong throughout the entire blog, and I'm impressed that others are reaching out to you as a reviewer. Nice job with this.

    Let me get a little picky though, and the only thing I would say in terms of improving this review is that while you described Stereofix's music and background context very well, you need to go a little micro--ie, review a few of the individual tracks and describe the music so we can hear it. Otherwise, I think it's very professional and near perfect.

    Grade thus far: A.

  4. Great review, you gave a full on review and answered all the questions one could possibly ask when reading it. Great pictures and the links were very helpful.


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