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It’s Not Over: Rocking out Earth Day

(Photo By Jenna Lynn)

(Guest blog by Terri Caputo, the interview following by myself)

It’s Not Over: Rocking out Earth Day

If you were near building 1C on Earth Day, chances are you heard live music from local Staten Island band, It’s Not Over. In October, the pop-punk quartet won the third annual Battle of the Bands at CSI, and was promised an hour-long set as their reward.

Drummer Matt Cabello and vocalist/guitarist Mike Giordano started the band in October of 2006. Later in the game, they added guitarist Josh Cronopulos and bassist George Thomas to their lineup. Since then they have played many shows in Staten Island and Manhattan. The band “quickly gained a reputation among audiences for their energetic performances and melodically catchy song writing,” according to their biography on Facebook. Their songs have been played on UCLA College Radio and CSI’s own 88.9 WSIA, remaining in the Alternative Top 30 for numerous weeks in a row. To this day, the four guys are continuing to win the hearts of many fans, and the show on April 22nd was no exception.

The pop punk band played songs like “Love Affair,” “Taking Me Over,” and “Better Off,” which are up-tempo and catchy songs that pumped up the audience. Lead vocalist Mike Giordano busted out an acoustic guitar for “Never See Me,” which displayed a softer side to the group. Midway through the set, bass player George Thomas encouraged the crowd to count how long it would take Giordano to down a bottle of water; it only took him thirty seconds, which was rather impressive to watch. The band closed with “Catastrophe,” and received a giant round of applause from the crowd, especially Andrew DiLorenzo from WSIA radio who seemed to know most of the words. Overall, the band put on a solid performance. Be sure not to miss them the next time they perform.

If you want to check out It’s Not Over, you head over to and listen to their self-titled EP.

(Photo by Alexa DiMaio)

Interview With It’s Not Over

By Justin Sarachik

I conducted a Facebook email interview with Mike Giordano and Josh Cronopulos, two of the members of S.I. band, It’s Not Over.

Both members were asked the same questions. The interview goes as followed:

1. How does it feel to finally play the CSI show after the delay?

2. What was it like recording a full length?

3. When you won Battle of the Bands, how did it feel?

4. What's next to come for I.N.O.?

5. Where are you guys in 5 years?

6. What's inspires you to make music?

7. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is your hair, in the band?

Mike Giordano

1. It felt great, and we are really happy with the opportunity. In a way it is kind of upsetting that it is passed. Hopefully we will get to do this again in the future!

2. It was fun and took up most of our last 6 months. We worked with an amazing producer "Rob Guarigila" who steered us in the right direction and had a major influence on us musically.

3. It felt great. Winning was an amazing experience for us, and we were extremely excited.

4. We will be releasing an album soon depending on where we distribute through, and we are also looking into a music video.

5. Everywhere hopefully!

6. Cottage cheese and songs that make me want to sing and write.

7. 11 ½

Josh Cronopulos

1. It was way better because I would have puked if we played the day we were supposed to, and it was snowing.

2. Recording wasn’t much of a difference to me I guess, it just took a lot longer.

3. I was shocked that we actually won.

4. I have no idea except that we'll be getting a new bassist by the summer since George is leaving.

5. Hopefully we will at least be playing on tour or a place better than the Cup.

6. Just for the fun of it and to do what you want. I think it’s different for everyone that question.

7. Definitely a 2 since I like messy punk hair, but the other guys don’t at all.

Be sure to catch It’s Not Over at

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