Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Check out a website I'm a contributor of, WEPAwebTV

WEPAwebTV is a fast growing media website that caters mainly to a Hispanic community, but has something for everyone. The main goal of this website is to broadcast new media in the forms of art, music, entertainment, poetry, etc. WEPAwebTV strives to provide their viewers with the best entertainment they can muster. A lot of it is self produced and written by founders Maria Hernandez and Luis Chaluisan (my cousin). They run live podcasts periodically, and always have some kind of footage or video up.

Check it out at-


  1. i really like your blog site...very informative....

  2. Awesome blog site man, definitly informative, never knew that much about staten island bands and music, I do have a question though, what local bands inspired you and the founders too create your own band?

  3. Honestly no local bands inspired me to start a band. My friend Pat and I have always loved music. When I entered 8th grade I began to play the drums, and Pat while only in 6th grade started to play the bass. After numerous bands and trying things out we were ready to give up. Then a friend of ours threw a show and one of the bands dropped out. She knew we played and asked us to perform. We loved it, and eventually found the right members and that is where I am today, except I sing/rap and play keyboard. Pat and I became more inspired when we started playing with some bands that had immense passion. The first couple of times we played with EveryNight Drive inspired us to put on beter performances and not take things for granted. They became great friends of ours and now we go everywhere together. I hope that answers your question lol. By the way, do I know you and how did you find out about this blog?


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